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3 10, 2022

Ultrashape machinery


It is called lipoclasia and indicates the ability to break down fat cells. It is the result of focused ultrasounds which present 3D fat deposits, focus the energy in the subcutaneous lipid deposit and break down the adipose cell membranes.

Ultrashape machinery2022-10-04T08:16:56+02:00
3 10, 2022

ZO® Enzyme Peel


Enzyme Peel is the most delicate peeling and does not create dandruff exfoliation, specific for sensitive skin and to remove dead cells

ZO® Enzyme Peel2022-10-04T08:21:31+02:00
3 10, 2022

ZO® Stimulating Peel


Stimulating Peel will improve the brightness and purity of the skin. It targets a problem of texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

ZO® Stimulating Peel2022-10-04T08:23:13+02:00
3 10, 2022

ZO® 3 – STEP PEEL™ Multifunction peeling


ZO® 3 – STEP PEEL™ Multifunction peeling, created to give long lasting benefits to your skin. Easy to apply, very safe, no irritation

ZO® 3 – STEP PEEL™ Multifunction peeling2022-10-04T08:27:29+02:00
3 10, 2022

Thermage Face


Thermage® uses radiofrequency to stretch skin and tissues. Approved by the FDA in 2001, it has obtained a positive result from doctors and patients.

Thermage Face2022-10-04T08:24:48+02:00
3 10, 2022

SmartLipo® Laser assisted liposculpture


SmartLipo® Laser assisted liposculpture a totally revolutionary laser-assisted liposculpture treatment, so minimally traumatic as to exert strong appeal on an infinitely wider target than that envisaged by traditional intervention methods.

SmartLipo® Laser assisted liposculpture2022-10-04T08:31:24+02:00
3 10, 2022

Non-ablative Fractional Rejuvenation


Non-ablative Fractional Rejuvenation: non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing, Fractional Laser 1540 - better results and greater patient comfort without downtime.

Non-ablative Fractional Rejuvenation2022-10-04T08:46:50+02:00
3 10, 2022

Radiofrequency firming


Radiofrequency firming: non-surgical monopolar radiofrequency is an excellent treatment with a non-surgical procedure

Radiofrequency firming2022-10-04T08:51:25+02:00
3 10, 2022



LipoCavitation: “Fat melt” technology. The Ultrasonic Liposculpture is a method that allows to reduce the thickness of the fat accumulation zones through low frequency ultrasounds

3 10, 2022

Skin laxity Venus Versa TECHNOLOGY (MP)


Skin laxity Venus Versa TECHNOLOGY (MP). Skin regeneration: Body shaping, reduction of cellulite, skin laxity and wrinkles

Skin laxity Venus Versa TECHNOLOGY (MP)2022-10-04T08:55:59+02:00

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