“Fat melt” technology

The latest “fat melt” technology is called cavitation. The Ultrasonic Liposculpture is a method that allows to reduce the thickness of the fat accumulation zones through low frequency ultrasounds (40-200 KHz) which selectively act on the adipose tissue.

It remodels the body thanks to a handpiece that delivers low-frequency ultrasounds, which in contact with the skin, transforms into micro bubbles that incorporate the fat cells and “squeeze” them until they implode, releasing the lipids. Frequencies are adjustable for depth results.

The main benefits are: drainage, thanks to the movement of stagnant liquids; the improvement of the permeability of the cell membrane; the lifting effect thanks to the separation of collagen fibers.

The different qualitative aspects of the development are all derived from the quality of the “MICROBUBL” fantasy produced by the handpieces;

  • size of the microbubble
  • positioning
  • concentration of nodes
  • action shot
  • speed of propagation
  • power
  • diffusion and quantity
  • established and lasting over time.

The areas are treated with localized abdominal fat, in the buttocks, subgluteal, thighs and hips. The fat on the abdomen, in general, is better than cellulite.

The transducer (a handpiece that converts electrical energy into energy and ultrasounds) is passed over the affected area several times, in direct contact with the skin.

The time of each session, including preparation, varies from half an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size, characteristics and number of areas to be treated. During the course of treatment, the patient may report a slight sense of heat.

At the end, the presence of redness in the treated area can be observed, but a reduction in the consistency of the adipose panniculus will be visible.

The number of sessions changes based on the result and patient satisfaction. Sometimes 6 or 8 treatments are needed on the same area.

Perfect result, it is possible to hydrate by infiltrating a physiological solution in the treated areas

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