Subcutaneous lipoemulsion

Lipoemulsione sottocutanea

Subcutaneous lipoemulsion (L.E.S.C.)

The new non-invasive technique for the treatment of localized adiposity

Using the latest generation ultrasound equipment with medical certification, we can treat localized fatty tissue on an outpatient basis

Subcutaneous lipoemulsion (L.E.S.C.) is a new non-invasive technique for the treatment of localized adiposities, lipomas and lipodystrophies. It is carried out through a multi-frequency cavitational ultrasound electro-medical device.

The L.E.S.C., which should not be confused with a traditional lipoaspiration, inaugurates a new method of intervention: the remodeling of the body profiles with low invasiveness. In fact, the speed of execution and the lack of a true convalescence, with very fast recovery of one’s work, sports and social activities, make this technique applicable in many body districts as part of a real remodeling program in areas of the fatty areas.

The technology involves the emulsion of adiposity by means of ultrasound, all of which makes the intervention minimally invasive and painless. The ultrasounds, in fact, delivered by means of a very thin two-millimeter-gauge probe, ensure that the fat to be reduced is homogeneously dissolved, keeping intact the vascular and nerve structures present in the treated tissue. This represents a real strength, if you consider that the development of the much-hated “cellulite” pads is very often based on poor local circulation.

What is the subcutaneous lipoemulsion (LESC)?

LESC is a minimally invasive and painless liposculpture technique that involves the dissolution (emulsion) of fat by applying ultrasound under the skin using a very thin probe.

The ultrasounds, generated by a special pulsed multifrequency machine, break and dissolve the fat, which, into a fluid, is aspirated during the surgery and partly eliminated naturally from the body over the weeks.

The results are promptly visible noticeable, even if the optimal result will be reached after 3 months time.

This method finds its greatest field of use in the treatment of small and medium-sized adipose accumulations, at the abdominal level, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, calves, ankles, arms and in the so-called double chin. By removing limited amounts of fat, the technique is conveniently practicable under local anesthesia and can be easily repeated if necessary after a few weeks. Here is a new way of understanding body remodeling, following a simple and safe program that can also take place in several stages and integrate with other medical-aesthetic methods. *

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, lasts about 30 minutes per district and allows you to resume normal activities right away. The results of the surgery and the post-operative process may vary according to anatomical predispositions or the initial condition of the patient.

liposuzione sottocutanea roma

In which parts of the body can LESC be applied?

  • Double chin: reduces the annoying excess of fat under the chin and makes the skin tighter
  • Flabby arm: reduces excess fat and makes the skin more toned
  • Gynecomastia: flattens male breasts that are too protruding
  • Belly and hips: reduces the volume of the abdomen both above and below the umbilical area
  • Back: it is effective against the annoying accumulations of fat under the shoulder blades or in the lumbar area
  • Thighs: reduces unsightly external cushions and reduces fat from the inside of the thigh without falling out of the overlying skin
  • Knees: shapes the inside of the knee making it leaner
  • Calves and ankles: reduces the volume of the legs which take on a more harmonious appearance
  • Cheval coulotte
  • Lipomas: reduces annoying accumulations of fat without leaving long scars
  • Cellulite: reduces the orange peel by improving the quality of the skin

It is also particularly suitable for patients who are following diet plans and want to perfect the results achieved.

For which problems is the LESC effective?

The LESC is effective for:
• Remove fatty deposits
• Reduce localized cellulite deposits
• Treat Lipodystrophies

What are the advantages of the LESC?

  • Minimal invasiveness: LESC is a practically painless treatment that can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with only 2 mm incisions and no stitches.
  • Maximum effectiveness: The effectiveness of the treatment is maximized because it involves the application of ultrasounds directly on the adipose tissue rather than from the outside through the different layers of the skin.
  • Effects in a single session: The results are visible in a single session, which lasts about 30 minutes per district.
  • Lifting effect: The pulsed ultrasonic multifrequency acts on the supporting fibers of fat and skin, producing a lifting effect on the treated area. In this way the skin adheres to the new conformation avoiding laxity.
  • Maximum safety: The LESC, acting through a thin heat-free probe on the more superficial layers of the adipose tissue, preserves intact the vascular and nervous systems of the treated tissue and the integrity of the skin’s supporting structure. The risks of complications typical of classical liposuction are minimized.
  • Immediate recovery: The patient can resume normal daily and sporting activities from the next day. The only indication is to wear a sheath in the treated area for a short time.
  • Lasting results.

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