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Qualified staff and cutting-edge technology

The Aesthetic Medicine Practice avails Dr. Paolo Siniscalco Health Management. He is a Surgeon, Registered in the Register of Aesthetic Doctors of Rome.

The primary objective is to provide quality assistance by making use of the collaboration of professionals with proven experience.

The quality of health care is also guaranteed thanks to the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment with high technology and cutting-edge materials in the medical / aesthetic sector.

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Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 41

San Giuliano del Sannino

Qualified personnel

Each treatment is applied by a physician experienced in aesthetic medicine. All cosmetic surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. The operations are always carried out in operating theaters, accredited clinics, equipped to perform surgical interventions.

Cutting-edge technology

The Paolo Siniscalco studio has maintained its leadership in the medical-aesthetic field over the years thanks to cutting-edge technology and constant commitment to the introduction of new generation platforms in laser treatments and electro-medical devices.

Satisfied customers

Patients are constantly monitored and monitored by qualified medical staff and in recognized facilities, in maximum comfort. The whole team works synergistically to fulfill the customers and their satisfaction is our greatest commitment.

Dr. Paolo Siniscalco

Dr. Paolo Siniscalco
Dr. Paolo SiniscalcoMedical Doctor
Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery / Laser Technology

Dr. Paolo Siniscalco is the founder and director of the studio, was born in Rome on April 26 th 1972, graduated in Medicine and enrolled in the Register of Physicians and Surgeons of Rome. He graduated from the four-year School of Aesthetic Medicine in 2003, attended numerous refresher courses in the field of aesthetic medicine and acted as a speaker for numerous international conferences.

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Valeria Panichi
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