Non-surgical monopolar radiofrequency

Monopolar radiofrequency is an excellent treatment with a non-surgical procedure that aims at firming the fibroblasts according to the natural self-repair process of the dermis; moreover, in the long term it also stimulates the synthesis of neocollagen, precisely in the points where age has slowed down or made cell renewal stop.

Its thermal action denatures the collagen fibers, resulting in a lifting effect, stimulates the production of new collagen and eliminates wrinkles in the skin, giving it tone and thickness.

During the session the epidermis is continuously cooled and the heat is the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue, obtaining a distension of the tissue.

The most striking result is the pleasant firming and new skin tension on a deep and superficial level.

The skin appears more compact, taut, and consistent. All the imperfections related to sagging skin: abdomen, buttocks, inner thigh, upper knee.

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