Skin regeneration

Body shaping, reduction of cellulite, skin laxity and wrinkles

Lassità cutanea Venus Versa

  • Unique combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF)
  • Multipolar RF uses a complex algorithm to emit energy homogeneously and heat the tissues at different depths, thus allowing a safe transmission of heat and the maintenance of the therapeutic temperature for the entire duration of the treatment.
  • The effects of Multipolar RF are amplified by Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMF), an athermic mechanism emitted by the applicator electrodes
  • Thanks to the synergy of (MP) 2, Radio Frequency heats and stimulates fibroblasts, while PEMFs promote angiogenesis and the proliferation of fibroblasts by releasing the growth factor FGF-2, thus generating a deep collagen synthesis
  • (MP) 2 is effective in the regeneration of collagen for skin laxity, body shaping, the reduction of cellulite and wrinkles and the renewal of capillaries for blood supply

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