Thermage, the non-surgical facelift


lifting non ​​chirurgico THERMAGE

Thermage® uses radiofrequency to stretch skin and tissues. Approved by the FDA in 2001, it has obtained a positive result from doctors and patients.

It is the non-invasive treatment for the skin, renewing the contour and profile of the face, regenerating the native collagen present in the skin without surgical incisions.

During the session the skin, on the surface, is continuously cooled so that the heat will use the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue, without danger of burns or damage. This is my work in a contraction and regeneration again.

In addition to the immediate effect of skin relaxation, there is, over time, a remodeling of collagen and a new and increased production of the same, which further further rejuvenates the skin.

The technique

The action of the heat uses a new patented radiofrequency (RF) technology for heat output to the area. It acts on the dermis, stimulating its contraction to stretch the skin, and on the production of new collagen to increase the turgor and distension of the face, giving the face a younger and healthier appearance. The heat produced stimulates and renews collagen, improving the appearance of the skin and reducing its sagging.

In which areas of the body can Thermage® be applied

  • The forehead: tools for the eyebrow and enhance the eyes, making the gaze open and relaxed, giving a younger and less tired appearance.
  • The eyelids: making blepharoplasty once useless.
  • The region of the cheeks and cheekbones: lowered the depth of the nasolabial furrows (taken from the side of the nose to the mouth).
  • Mandibular area: region that loses turgor over the years and thus lacks the definition of the mandible and the mandibular arch, giving a very particular and premature appearance, with skin that seems to fall out in excess.
  • Other areas that can be treated are the neck, arms, abdomen and inner thigh.

The post treatment

The treatment lasts 50 minutes. Generally, normal activities are resumed immediately.

Is Temmage Painful?

One of the advantages of Thermage® is that it allows the doctor to apply the therapy to the patient’s tolerance threshold. At each point there is a feeling of warmth in depth. This is a heat test that I don’t like. During an entire session, this is a treatment that can be easily endured without anesthesia, the doctor can use small injections of local anesthesia only in certain points) to “fall asleep”, for the duration of the treatment.

Which results?

The improvements are visible for now and increase over the next period, up to six months.

Despite some cases, it always need from four to six months. Since the effects are gradual, the change will not be immediate and everything is fine with the photos taken before and those six months after the surgery. The results vary from patient to patient and therefore, while in some they will be striking, perhaps immediately, in others, they may be modest. This is in relation to the particular problem, the age of the patient and the response.

How many sessions areexpected?
One session is sufficient for most patients. It is possible, however, to perform another treatment, but at least six months after the first. After this period of time, in fact, it is possible to undergo a second session with Thermage®.

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