Permanent hair removal

Epilazione Permanente

Stop unwanted hair

Today it is possible to progressively eliminate more than 90% of the hair on the whole body and face through an ultra-fast and ultra-safe technology that reduces the time by 5 times compared to a standard session and quickly and painlessly. The VENUS VERSA ™ treatment revolutionizes hair removal standards with long-term results.

To guarantee its performance, some essential technical characteristics: the high “fluence” emitted (ie the thermal energy developed in a skin area) and the ability to hit spots (ie objectives) of a certain size (up to 20 mm diameter), thus reaching in depth, up to the follicle, as well as a sophisticated cooling system, which guarantees its safety.

  • Face

  • Legs

  • Groin

  • Arm

  • Back

  • Buttocks

  • Abdomen

  • Armpits

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