Dr. Paolo Siniscalco

Study of Medicine
and Aesthetic Surgery

Study of Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

Cosmetic surgery to indulge Nature

The Aesthetic Medicine Studio avails of the Dr. Paolo Siniscalco, Health Management of Surgeon, Registered in the Register of Aesthetic Doctors of Rome. The primary objective is to provide quality assistance with the collaboration of very skilled professionals. The quality of healthcare is also guaranteed thanks to the use of state-of-the-art medical equipment with high technology and cutting-edge materials in the sector.

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Treatments of Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

Siniscalco Paolo medico chirurgo

In my opinion, if well done, cosmetic surgery should hardly be seen, it must be elegant and never vulgar. Given the enormous interest that accompanies this branch of medicine, it is essential to make the right choice of a professional with proven experience and to be wary of simplistic and economical solutions.


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