Body aesthetic medicine

Medicina estetica corpo

Aesthetic treatments for the body

A careful medical examination allows a correct diagnosis of the imperfection and, consequently, to choose the program and therapy suited to the patient’s needs. Personalized medical-aesthetic treatments related to district slimming and body shaping.

  • Pressotherapy

  • LipoCavitation

  • Carbopsitherapy

  • Endermologie

  • Massages

  • Mesotherapy

  • Firming with radiofrequency

  • Crioliposculpt Fusiomed NEW
  • Endospheres NEW

  • Oxygen therapy

  • Starvac

  • Venus Legancy (sagging skin)

  • Cellfina

  • Endospheres

  • Sclerosants

  • Body Tite

  • Phosphotidylcholine

Aesthetics Skin Care

Biologic Orbanic

  • Total body scrub – Skin Care Philip Martin’s line

  • Partial / complete waxing

  • Facial cleaning

  • Anti-cellulite muds

    AQ A MUD Draining Mud

    ETNA MUD Reducing Modeling Mud

  • Massages

    Relaxing, Firming, Circulatory, Connective Line Philip Martin’s Line with Oils and Cream

  • Vodder method lymphatic drainage massage

  • SCRUB hands / feet

Philip Martin’s Face skincare line


Facial treatment for dull and mature skin

It is a treatment consisting of Cloud Cream, Face Scrub, Vial with moisturizing antiaging caviar extract, Caviar Mask mask with immediate lifting action, counteracts the signs of skin aging, energizing Jaluronic Eye Patch and finally Jaluronic Booster fluid with a toning and restructuring texture. Facial massage.


Dry and delicate skin treatment

It is a treatment consisting of Cloud Cream cleansing, Face Scrub, stimulating and emollient Hydra Tonic that promotes skin hydration. The complex of Jaluroji stimulates hydration and organic sage extract stimulates the elasticity of the skin. Face massage

Food intolerance

Our firm makes use of the collaboration of Natrix Laboratories for the diagnosis of analyzes aimed at food intolerances and Antiaging.

Natrilxlab is a clinical analysis laboratory based in Reggio Emilia that operates nationally and internationally. Active since 2000 in the field of diagnosing food intolerances, it has progressively expanded the range of diagnostic tests.

“Nutrition is the first medicine” this is the principle that inspires the activity of Natrixlab, which also intends diagnostics as an opportunity to accompany the patient towards self-knowledge, making them aware of their habits and responsible on their health, and highlighting the key role of food choices and lifestyle in maintaining the well-being of the organism.

Possible food intolerance tests:

  • Food intolerance test 46 -62 -184 Foods

  • Celiac test

  • Gluten test

  • Antiaging profile

  • Cell skin profile

  • Cellular aging factor

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