It is called lipoclasia and indicates the ability to break down fat cells.

It is the result of focused ultrasounds (G-NIUSTM: Guided Non-Invasive Selective Focused Ultrasound) which present 3D fat deposits, focus the energy in the subcutaneous lipid deposit and break down the adipose cell membranes. The dissolved fat is transferred in to the liver and eliminated from the body through the normal pathways of dietary fat.

What makes the system unique is the ultrasound beam capable of targeting specific areas of resistant fat, impossible to remove with the diet. This is a unique technique, while the surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels and nerves, are not affected.

Clinical studies have shown that they are capable of averaging a body circumference of two centimeters. Ultrashape is an innovative machine that breaks down fats without resorting to surgery. This treatment is a valid alternative for men and women who want to use it for excess adipose tissue without a scalpel. It is applied on the abdomen, thighs and hips. Its innovative technology, creating a 3D image of the subcutaneous lipid deposit, allows ultrasound concentration on that specific area and breaks down the adipose cell membranes. The dissolved fat it is transferred in to the liver and eliminated by the body through the normal pathways that follow dietary fats.

The technique

The examination begins with marking the area to be treated; then an operator is holding a round transducer, a device that converts electrical energy into energy, through which the area to be treated is an ultrasonic beam. Waves and ultrasound focused with specific areas of resistant fat that cannot be taken with a simple diet, breaking down only the fat cells

of the affected body region, without affecting surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels and nerves.

The treatment is performed in the clinic by skilled personnel. At the end the skin appears smoother and more homogeneous. Immediately after the session, the patient can resume his daily activities.

The sessions

In most cases, 3 sessions are sufficient to achieve the desired results.

On average, the lesson lasts about one hour or two at most. The treatment is painless, no anesthesia is practiced. Sometimes, even after a single treatment, an appreciable result can be obtained.

The result

In few words we usually consider a good result relating to the circunference of the boby, in the treated area, equal up to two centimeters.

The post UltraShape

The UltraShape post is divided into different phases, which can be modified according to the indications and objectives to be achieved. It is important to set an energy source, favor proteins, decrease the use of sodium and reduce saturated fats, in order to strengthen the vessel wall and maintain good muscle tone.

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