Laser assisted liposculpture treatment

Effective against localized fat deposits

SmartLipo is a laser system whose main application is Laserlipolisi®, a totally revolutionary laser-assisted liposculpture treatment, so minimally traumatic as to exert strong appeal on an infinitely wider target than that envisaged by traditional intervention methods.

Effectively the chance of performing outpatient interventions and not having to aspirate the lysate, generated by the laser action, allowing for a “lighter” technique, easily usable and much appreciated by patients. The technology uses the peak energy of the Nd: YAG laser emission to break the membranes of adipocytes.

Laserlipolysis® represents the new standard of liposculpture: it is an innovative technique designed to use excess adipose tissue through the selective interaction of a laser beam with adipocytes. The result is the denaturation and rupture of the adipose cell membrane and leakage of their contents, eliminated through the natural pathways.

At the same time, small blood vessels are closed by photocoagulation so as to reduce blood loss. Finally, by working in the most superficial layers, it is possible to perform photostimulation of the dermal collagen from the inside, which induces its shrinkage with consequent shrinkage of the skin tissue.

The treatment involves the introduction of a very thin optical fiber (connected to the laser device) into the subcutaneous tissue to be treated.

The fiber serves to convey energy into the tissues; The particular wavelength of the laser beam allows you to target the adipocytes (the cells that contain fat) which are thus destroyed by releasing the fat they contained. The fat released in the tissues is progressively absorbed and degraded by the lymphatic and immune system, within 8-12 weeks.

It is for this reason that the first results are not evident immediately but after 4-6 weeks. All areas of the body where localized adiposity is found can be treated.

The most popular locations are the hips, legs, knees, abdomen, buttocks and chin;

However, it is also possible to treat particular sites such as the face or breasts (in males, for gynecomastia problems).

Generally the following is sufficient for one problem, in some cases a touch-up may be required after 4-8 weeks.

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