Tricopat theraphy

Tricopat therapy

The painless solution to hair loss and thinning

Tricopat therapy

TRICOPAT ®  therapy is a totally revolutionary therapy in the world of atricology.The Instrument uses the unique TRICOGENESIS method, which boasts 2 world patents represents a 100% Italian innovation. The result of more than 15 years of experience in the field of dermatology, TRICOPAT® was born thanks to a research project developed within a TechnologicalScientific Pole, home of the CNR, ENEA and the University of Bologna.

TRICOPAT® acts by means of “Skin-Patting®,” a patented and scientifically valid a scientifically validated techology that aims to increase the activity of the hair follicle through three combined mechanisms:

  • immediate increase of blood microcirculation in the parttreated, with consequent tissue oxygenation;

  • stimulation of cell metabolism in the tissue, which favors the delivery of active ingredients;

  • stimulation of fibroblasts in a mechanical and reparative manner, within important increase in the production of collagen and elastin.

Evident results even after very few 30-minute sessions, 3 weeks apart.

Five actions in a single innovative technology


Don’t give up on your hair

Tricopat theraphy: the painless solution to hair loss and thinning

Before each of the two steps, a gel based on synthetic growth factors is applied, ingrade to stimulate the hair growth cycle, improving the vascularization of the hair follicleand cell migration during hair development. They are the same ones we naturally find in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), but without having to go through the procedure of harvesting,centrifuging and injecting a non-titrated amount of them.
These synthetic growth factors are safe and nonallergenic. The first action of the device is a controlled micro dermabrasion with a sequence of micro wounds that stimulate the process diriparation of the dermis with increased vascularization, multiplication of fibroblasts and increased production of collagen and elastin. There is also radial pressure wave, direct mechanical conation on the scalp that produces three different effects:

• enhancement of blood microcirculation;

• stimulation of cellular metabolism that facilitates the uptake of active ingredients and stimulation of fibroblast activity with increased production of collagen and elastin

• iontophoresis, which determines a muscular stress caused by electrostimulation creating an immediate tensor effect followed by relaxation, enhancing the skin’s contractile capacity and inducing dilation of the follicular ostium of the skin that facilitate absorption of active ingredients con luce LED rossa, che ha un effetto biostimolante sulla produzione di fibroblasti ed elastina.Simultaneously, the scalp is irradiated with reddish LED light, which has a biostimulating effect on fibroblast and elastin production.

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La seduta Tricopat

The session lasts about 30 minutes, is painless, and immediately afterwards the patient has a feeling of well-being at the scalp, the hair is in order, and he or she can safely leave the office.

The treatment involves 6sessions spaced two to three weeks apart.

Six months after the first session a follow-up is performed, comparing bot macroscopic and video trioscopic “before and after” images. Recall sessions can then be scheduled to maintain and improve the results obtained.

In the studies performed, all patients have shown significant improvement, with no real reactions or side effects.

Evident results even after very few 30-minute sessions, 3 weeks apart.

Il protocollo si compone di sole 4 sessioni di cui 1 ogni 3 settimane

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