Hyperbaric oxygen and hyaluronic acid with vitamins

Luxurious texture, intense luminosity and deep hydration thanks to the combination of hyperbaric oxygen (which helps to convey active ingredients in the deeper layers, simultaneously increasing tissue oxygenation) and hyaluronic acid / vitamins, which is aimed at targeted areas such as: face-neck-decollete-breast. It is designed for all skin types. Many women have the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing their skin visibly improved.

Rejuvenation serum

It is the ideal treatment to obtain a smooth and purified face, because it stimulates the regeneration of new cells and the production of elastin and collagen.

Tones the skin surface to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The result is surprising: facial wrinkles are reduced already at the end of the first treatment.


Atoxelene infusion

It is ideal for firming and giving a lifting effect.

It reduces the formation of fine lines of expression and wrinkles caused by the continuous contraction of the muscles of the face.

Opulence Brightening Serum

Goodbye stains thanks to the action of botanical lightening agents, Intraceuticals and super-concentrated Vitamin C.

This uniform treatment the uneven skin pigmentation, making it bright and radiant. Powerful antioxidants indicated for the fight against free radicals and the high concentration of moisturizers ensures perfect hydration.

Clarity Infusion

If the goal is to defeat facial impurities and inflammations, then here is a great ally: the treatment that creates an anti-bacterial microenvironment, to give smooth and purified skin.

After just one session, the skin of the face will be purified and decongested. Acne will be reduced and skin rashes minimized.

In the protocol for face antiaging treatments, the Intraceuticals – Oxygen Infusion technique is not lacking and is longer than all hyaluronic acid filling treatments as well as a laser rejuvenation peeling.

It is recommended to carry out a cycle of intracuetic treatments in the order of 6 sessions (2 sessions per week).

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