Botox Azzalure® / Vistabex®

Anti-aging par excellence, a safe, effective and repeatable solution over time. It acts directly on the cause of mimic wrinkles, reduction, damage and selectively, the activity of the most expensive muscles. It is the most performed rejuvenation treatment as they are truly surprising for those who show signs of aging due to the activity of the mimic muscles. The reduction of the motility of these muscles is a progressive skin relaxation and disappearance / reduction of expression lines.

The main cause of wrinkle formation is facial expressions. The movements of the furi muscles (the mimic muscles) cause, with each facial expression, a contraction and relaxation of the skin. In the long run, the skin remains indelibly marked and some muscles are no longer able to relax completely. The result is a face furrowed with evident expression lines and often the fact that the eyebrows remain partially frowned gives it a somber air.

Botulinum toxin (on the Italian market marketed as Vistabex or Azzalure, but better known as Botox, or simply Botox) is a safe, effective and repeatable solution over time. It acts precisely on the cause of mimic wrinkles, reducing the activity of the most expensive muscles without damage and selectively.

The patient suitable for this surgery has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • glabellar lines (interciliary lines)
  • forehead wrinkles
  • lower eyebrows
  • “crow’s feet” wrinkles

The treatment is carried out after the specialist visit as it does not require specific preparation. The session, lasting an average of 15 minutes, is performed in an outpatient clinic without anesthesia and involves the injection of Botox through a very thin needle inside the mimic muscles responsible for expression lines. You will be asked to contract your facial muscles: frown, frown, or wrinkle your nose. This is how they are

identified the muscles where the toxin will inhibit excessive motility. You may feel a burning sensation during the injection.

The application of Botox is visible after 3-5 days, when the cooling process of the corrugator muscle begins.

There are no particular side effects to Botulinum injections. Some patients have reported transient episodes of migraine; these effects will disappear in a few hours. The injections of Botox are in any case a temporary and absolutely reversible solution, so they will have to be repeated even due times a year without the mimic muscles being damaged.


Normal activities can be resumed immediately. This surgery contributes to a more rested and relaxed image on the face.

Botox: Remedies for hyperhidrosis

Botulinum toxin type A, or Botox, is able to inhibit the sweat glands in order to reduce excessive sweating. The positive aspect of Botox, compared to other surgical techniques is that the sweat glands are not eliminated, but only inhibited to block the excessive production of sweat in a prolonged manner.

The diluted botulinum toxin solution is locally injected through very thin intradermal needles; the influence of infiltrations occurs after two or three days, that is when the toxin causes the so-called cholinergic block. The reduction in sweating induced by the botulinum toxin lost for a few months and then disappears, depending on the dosages used and personal sensitivity. On average, however, the sweat glands remain inhibited for up to 8 months.

There are no contraindications to the use of Botox, in light of the long experience as a chief physician. Precisely for this reason, the treatment can be repeated even due times a year.

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